Ricky Holtz

Developer Educator at Twilio. On a mission to improve developer experiences and build a better web.


product design

I’m interested in the process, aesthetics, and human factors that go into awesome products.

front-end development

Coding is pretty zen — particularly when I'm working in Javascript. React, anyone?

research & writing

I learn about my users through a variety of methods and communicate those needs clearly.


a map icon with a bright purple path along it, invoking the feeling of a treasure map

magicbus campaigns

MagicBus needed a way to open new routes with confidence. Campaigns help commuters provide a stronger signal that they're ready to ride. read more... about magicbus campaigns

two laptops and a phone with screens showing maps, an illustration of a doctor, and medical journal articles

et al. health

et al. Health uses peer-reviewed medical journals to connect patients who have rare diseases with a physicians who can treat them. read more...about et all health

a long exposure photograph that shows bands of bright color spread across space in big, dramatic swirls

dance dance

I helped build sweater that uses accelerometers to turn dancing into a vibrant light show, and a platform for sharing motion data. read more...about dance dance, a sweater that lights up while you dance.

a grid of bright colors, text, and photographs

aesthetic notes

Reviewing notes is often a text-heavy experience. What might it look like if it were a little more visually oriented? read more... about the aesthetic note project

three laptops show clean grids of content, and a hint of a browser plugin

employee community

Sharing knowledge across organizations with an intranets is hard. I designed a contextual employee community to help solve the problem. read more... about the salesforce employee community design project

a grid of brightly colored squares on a mock iPhone screen


My team wanted to build upon the Nickelodeon brand. We proposed an augmented reality experience called Nickvision. read more...about nickvision, an augmented reality application concept

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